Our passion and enthusiasm for cement tiles do not require long explanation. In a country where cement tiles and terrazzos were so popular in the last century, it's easy to fall in love with the encaustic cement tiles. That's what happened to us.

At the turn of the century, architects produced first-class buildings and used cement tiles for floors. Thousands of halls, corridors, and courtyards were decorated with motifs which worth the restoration. We are pleased to reproduce cement tiles based on an old, damaged, even destroyed sample.

In good circumstances cement and terrazzo tiles keep their original beauty for  more than 100-150 years. In bad circumstances these tiles could have been broken, loose color, reached the limits of their lifetime.

Except for the patina, we produce the same tile as the original with special care.

We use traditional techniques applied at the turn of the century. We produce handcrafted cement tiles one after the other with a so-called cold press and mold technique, same way as the Walla and Melocco factories did beside many small manufactories all over Hungary and the Monarchy. Only the mixing machines and presses have been modernized by our manufacture, but the most important detail is the old one: each tile is individually made by hand.

iamart tiles meet the EU technical specifications fit for monument renovations indoor and outdoor. Our cement tiles guarantee high quality with aesthetic experience.

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