indoor and outdoor use

both indoor and outdoor use should be unproblematic. places exposed to frost and water, like bathrooms, kitchens and outdoor patios are suitable for installing tiles as well. all pavements meet the national and EU requirements for outdoor and indoor purposes.

cement tiles in wet areas

impregnation and the right care of tiles are highly advised (we can recommend impregnators for this purpose), and outdoor EU requirements must be followed.

use with under floor heating

cement tiles can be installed with under floor heating systems. the 16 mm thick tiles heat up more slowly but also need a longer time period to cool down.


the thickness of our tiles is 16 mm, which is more than most of the commercially available products.

product warranty

warranty applies to all products as laid down in national law. Some cement tiles installed a century ago in old apartment houses of Budapest, are still decorative and serve their purpose. so, with professional installation and right care - as the manufacturing process has not changed in the past 100-150 years, you can expect the same high-quality and long-lasting lifespan.


minimum order is one box (if you order from stock), which contains 15 tiles. this will cover approximately 0.5 square meter. Minimum order for manufacturing is 2 square meters (only if ordered from our existing collections), in case of unique design and/or size, minimum order is 10 square meters.

placing your order

ordering is possible via the website or personally in our showroom.

advance payment

50% of the price of your order is to be paid in advance.

payment options

you can complete your payment both in cash and with credit card.

order confirmation

we will confirm your order in 2 workdays


products can be picked up in our showroom in Budapest or will be delivered to you (at the cost of the costumer) after completing full payment. prices do not include delivery!

when will I receive the product?

products in stock are available on the day of purchase in our showroom (during business hours only). In case of individual pattern, size or colour - delivery may take up to 2-3 weeks.

handling and storage

tiles might experience damage due to poor maintenance or improper delivery. Free warranty service does not cover post-delivery damage.


the weight of one cement tile (size 20x20) is 1,35 kg. One box contains 15 cement tiles, the gross weight of a box is 20.25 kg (the size of the box is 265x207x212 mm).